Why I am a Christian - Volume 2 (Kindle)

Especially for those who are curious about Christianity or for new followers of Jesus trying to make sense of it all. Why I Am A Christian-Volume 2 looks at critical issues for a living faith in a refreshing and sometimes blunt style: conversion, the doctrine of election, homosexuality, heaven and hell, hypocrisy, the devil, fundamentalism, organized religion, creation and evolution, and the presence of evil are among the topics. Inside: What troubled me was the question, "How could a loving god condemn one of his creatures to a horrible place forever?" Prior to my conversion, I knew that Christians were hypocrites; in fact, I used it as an excuse to reject Christian claims. Many are gambling that the grave is the end, the absolute end of life. "You're a fundamentalist, aren't you?" I didn't want to answer. "How did it happen, Francisco, that you gave up?" I asked. He replied, "I just don't care anymore. What difference does it make anyway? As hard as I try, I keep ending up back here in prison." If it's organized religion, it must be bad. What else would you expect? The mystic, shaman, santero or santera, wiccan, medium, channeler, psychic, or yogi all rely on the "soul journey" while in trance. Why all the fuss about hell? Hell is probably not as bad as they say. Hell is the preferred destination for many; few prefer heaven.
Image: man stands in tunnel looking at the lighted entrance. Title: Why I am a Christian, Volume 2.
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