What's So Bad about Hell? (ePUB)

Is hell good or bad? Some hope they will love it, while others fear it. Others are certain they are going there and hope it is not as bad as some claim. On the other hand, there will be some who definitely do not want to go to heaven. Some fret and fret that they might go to hell, because they know they ought to. Others are confident they will not go there and are grateful for that. What’s So Bad about Hell follows a new recruit into hell as he finds out that all of his ideas during his rebellious life were completely wrong: “You’ll be with your friends,” or “Hell doesn’t exit; it’s just a ploy to scare you into church.” Follow our character as he is shown the truth by his “personal spirit guide” and especially by his “host.” Included are a list of references to hell in the New Testament and a collection of quotes about hell from famous people through the ages. Are you ready to face the truth?
What's So Bad about Hell? (ePUB)
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