The Trilogy "To Sing God's Praise" — all three books

A bundle of all three books in the trilogy, "To Sing God's Praise" Book 1: But Now I See: Amos Nordquist had no interest in the ministry, expecting to head his father’s Swedish shipping company begun decades earlier. After surviving a North Atlantic hurricane, however, he finds himself in a lifeboat, one of five men still alive on the still-turbulent North Atlantic, and determines that if he survives the ordeal, his future will be in the ministry. Returning to Sweden, two more tragedies await, but one will open the way to America where he experiences Sheridan’s decimation of the Shenandoah Valley and the battles of Sailor’s Creek and Appomattox under Gen. George Custer. Following the war, he heads north with “Fatha Abraham” Cole, an ex-slave intent on educating other ex-slaves, learning about antebellum slavery. Arriving in Minnesota, he delivers a significant sum willed to the church by his uncle, subsequently meets his wife, and the two raise a family while overcoming the difficulties of church planting in rural Minnesota. Book 2: Shining as the Sun, continues the journey begun in But Now I See. Pastor Amos Nordquist and wife Anna head west on the new Northern Pacific railroad line, stopping in Billings, MT, where he befriends “Fur Man,” spends time with a tribe of Christian Sioux, meets the gorgeous and indomitable Molly B’Dam in the gold rush town of Murray, Idaho. Nordquist travels to Seattle, city of prostitution, graft, and hypocrisy, in time to experience the tragedy of Tacoma and Seattle expelling their entire Asian populations. Amos’s terrible temper explodes over immorality and the Chinese expulsion, leading to resigning his pastorate and leaving with family and belongings moments ahead of the Great Seattle Fire. Book 3: Will Lead Me Home: The Nordquists head north to beautiful Skagit River Valley, finding Equality, a socialist nirvana colony. Frustration, acrimony, and labor discord end in crisis and fire. To the south, capitalists, including John D. Rockefeller, conceive the “West Coast New York,” an extensive land and waterfront purchase for commercial and residential development, undermined by the Panic of 1893—a fascinating story of the euphoric highs and deadly lows of 19th century capitalism. Add a lethal confrontation between Big Bill Haywood’s Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) and a small army of others led by the indomitable lawman, Sheriff Donald McRae. Finally entering retirement, Nordquist concludes the trilogy on a Titanic sister ship in a WWI incident that leaves a reader wondering: why didn’t I know this? We end with a joyful pastor revisiting Sweden, then a short epilogue—an exclamation mark at the end of a life’s emotional journey in three parts.
The Trilogy "To Sing God's Praise" — all three books
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