The Preposterous God (ePUB)

From a human point of view, the deity of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, can only be described as preposterous, absurd, and unimaginable. Consider that the Bible’s God created the entire universe in an instant and out of nothing. Then He created human beings who are able to communicate with Him. He allowed evil to be present, gave commands, banished His human creation for breaking His law, and promised to restore communion with them. This God is singular yet a Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—a one in three and a three in one. Unexplainable to the human mind. This God died, then lived again, departed the planet, yet will return to end history and establish an everlasting kingdom where all those He predestined will live in communion with Him. Quite preposterous!
The Preposterous God (ePUB)
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