How To Care For Your Pastor

A small church is a unique place in many ways. As such, caring for a pastor in a small church can be a distinct challenge. How can a small congregation minister to their pastor? What are the things they should consider? What should they say or not say? What are peculiar vulnerabilities of their pastor's position in the church? What kind of things congregation can do to help bear their pastor's load? What are the problems, pressures and needs of those who pastor the people of God? Kent Philpott, himself a pastor of a small Californian church for over twenty years, tackles these questions as he addresses the issue of caring fro your pastor. Gleaning from his own experience and weaving together examples from other pastors of small churches, he explores peculiar responsibilities, unique position, leadership and financial challenges, plus a host of other difficulties that can arise for members of a congregation as well. Pastor Philpott offers sage advice and godly wisdom as he addresses these particular matters.
How To Care For Your Pastor
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