Written about 1861, the book is the story of the conversion of William Haslam, an Anglican priest who commenced his first ministry in Cornwall, England in 1841. Rev. Haslam assumed he was a genuine Christian but became converted while preaching the Sunday sermon at his own parish church. During the preaching of the sermon, at the critical point, a member of the congregation jumped to his feet and shouted out, "The parson is converted! The parson is converted!" Indeed, the parson (Rev. Haslam) had been converted. It was quite a shock to him as well as his congregation, and it changed his life and ministry forever. Rev. Haslam remained in the Church of England all of his life, though he had some conflict with his superiors and colleagues over his emphasis on the necessity of true conversion and the danger of false conversion. In 328 pages, Rev. Haslam describes the following 20 years of ministry with numbers of short stories and illustrations. It is throughout a delightful accounting of his ministry and I was saddened when I reached the end of it. Each of the 34 chapters is short and it makes for fine daily devotional reading. Rev. Haslam and his ministry is yet remembered and honored by the people of Cornwall, and many others, after all these long years. It is a book for the ages; not bound by language or culture and may be enjoyed by all ages of people. It has a universal appeal, having being put out by English, Canadian, and American publishers over the years (it is in the public domain). In fact, in 1896, a publisher printed 130,000 copies of the book. There is also a website: We are Miller Avenue have been blessed to reprint From Death Into Life because it has meant so much to us. This is the first, and maybe the last time, we will ever undertake a project of this scope, yet we felt constrained to do so that God may be glorified and His Kingdom built up. Kent Philpott, pastor September 2004
Book: From Death Into Life, by W. Haslam
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