Awakenings and the Jesus People Movement (Kindle)

Larry Eskridge states in his PhD dissertation, God's Forever Family: the Jesus people Movement in America, 1966-1977, "Kent Philpott comes to this topic not merely as an academic interpreter but as someone who was a key player in the beginnings of the Jesus People movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s—a revival among American youth which may well have been the largest religious awakening to take place in the 20th-century…Kent Philpott was there at its inception." Three American awakenings, maybe four, but--Will there be another? In the great awakenings in America are seen the hand of God and the hand of Satan as well. Philpott examines the bright and the dark sides of the awakenings, and he does not spare the Jesus People Movement. Does the Jesus People Movement meet the criteria as to what constitutes a genuine moving of the Spirit of God as outlined by Jonathan Edwards, Frank Beardsley, and Iain Murray? Awakenings--times when God's Spirit is powerfully poured out and many enter the kingdom of God--come and go unpredictably. Some are large, others small, and all are unique to Christianity. Kent Philpott, now in his twenty-eighth year as pastor of Miller Avenue Baptist Church (ABC and SBC) in Mill Valley, California, is an MDiv. graduate of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary (SBC) in Mill Valley and a DMin. graduate of San Francisco Theological Seminary (Presbyterian USA) in San Anselmo, California. Are awakenings merely the result of political, economic, and social factors? Or, are they evidence of direct intervention by the God of the Bible? For someone like Philpott, who lived through a time of signs and wonders where God's Spirit was so very evident, there is only one answer.
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